Oskar Shindler


the unlikely hero

Oscar Schindler was born a German on April 28 1908 in zwittau Austria Hungary. schindler grew up privileged to money, he was catholic but from an early age lived a world of sin. He married Emilie schindler at nineteen, though he was never without a mistress or shy to hard drinking or gambling, winning big and losing bigger. He wanted to make money and seemed like every other German industrialist; driven by profit and unmoved by the means of that.
When oskar was in Poland he quickly connected with some of the Gestapo members softening them up with women money and alcohol, his new found friends allowed him to acquire a factory which he ran with the cheapest labor around in that time, the Jewish.

Something changed in Oskar during the war and he ended up spending all he had to save his 1300 Jewish men and women. Schindlers factory was called the Emalia factory which supplied enamel goods and munitions to the German front.
Removal of Jews to death camps had only just begun, Schindlers accountant set him up with a few Jewish friends who still had some wealth remaining, they invested in his factory and in return they would work there in the hopes that they would be spared, he paid off German soldiers and listed all the Jewish work efforts as "essential", so they would allow them to stay in Krakow. Schindler was making money, all this Jews were fed and none were beaten.
By the autumn of 1944, Germany's hold on Poland had weakened. As the Russian army approached, the Nazi's tried desperately to complete their program of liquidation and sent all remaining Jews to die. But Schindler remained true to the “Schindlerjuden,” the workers he referred to as “my children.”
After the liquidation of the Krakow ghetto and the transfer of many Jews to the Plaszow concentration camp, Schindler used his influence to set up a branch of the camp for 900 Jewish workers in his factory in Zablocie and made his now famous list of the workers he would need for its operation and success.
When the war ended, Schindler fled to Argentina with his wife and a handful of his workers and bought a farm. In 1958, he left his land, his wife and his mistress to return to Germany. He spent the remaining years of his life dividing his time between Germany and Israel, where he was honored and taken care of by his “Schindlerjuden.”